Friday, 31 August 2007

Crazy Antics in the Life of Mitchell

Mitch is a kack a minute. Little copycat that's for sure.
He makes me laugh everyday.

The other week he was dragging around this white rope. ( no idea where he got it from ) Anyway he thought it would be useful to tie it up on the bed posts by the feet. ( heck knows why - Not that DH needs encouragement ). Anyway he tied it up and I forgot about it. DH didn't notice it either. Over night Mitch crawls into our bed and falls asleep. DH gets up in the morning and Mitch is still asleep. DH ends up leaving for work and I decided to get up and get ready but couldn't move Mitch. He woke up and said "My foot stuck". I thought how could that be. Till I pulled back the covers and he had tied his foot with the rope to the bed. Perhaps so no one could send him back to his own bed. lol I laughed then untied the rope and got rid of the rope. lol * shaking head, don't know where he gets it from. Must he his Dad the scout in him. lol.

Another time when Mitch got hold of the rope and tied it up on our bed again. DH tried to remove it. Mitch turns to DH with those evil eyes and replies " I told you not to touch it", DH couldn't help but crack up over that. Hurried Mitch off and got rid of the rope.

You have to be so careful what you say around your kids. They don't miss a beat I tell ya. I was telling Hayden off for something he was doing and said I was watching him and saw him do whatever it was again and then said " I am warning you". Mitch turned around looked at Hayden with evil eyes saying " Yeah I'm warning you". That was so hard to keep a straight face that I turned and covered my mouth quickly and then proceeded to tell Mitch off for copying me. But it was so funny.

Beware if you come over to my place Mitch ties everything up and he'll use whatever he can. Used his scarf the other day and tied his trike up then cracked up cos the wheels wouldn't move.

Mitch looks like the innocent little thing but he is so quiet. Its like he is on a secret sabbotage mission. Tried to make a phone call the other week. He pulled the phone plug out. No wonder it was peaceful most of the day without telemarketers ringing. lol

Crazy little thing he is. But I love him.

Lea xxx

You're Larious Mum

So funny. Mitch is just a card. Today we went to go pick up Hayden from School and we were sitting in the car chatting about his "Cars" cars eg. Mater, McQueen etc... and he started to sing this song he must have got from Childcare. Anyway he is singing this song 'where you hiding' so I caught on and started singing too. He just burst into giggles and said " You're Larious Mum". (meaning Hilarious). I just busted into giggle myself for what came out his mouth. Cheeky little thing.


Thursday, 30 August 2007

Runner Up

I entered a competition to create a Blog banner for a Scrapblog - Scrapsidaisy. These were my designs. Although I didn't come first it doesn't matter. The person Tracy who won looks to have Digi experience and I cant compete with that. She did so well and I don't have Digi experience. So I didn't win the $100 of scrap product but did come runner up with another girl Kellie and we both got $50 worth of goodies. So I look forward to that. They have a gorgeous little blog and they have just opened their shop online.
I've done a few blog banners now for friends & others and really enjoyed doing them. And everyone has liked them so far, so that's good.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Rrip It Class Layout

Had a class at Rrip It Scrapbooks that I ran. The class was based on the Bride Layout and I just did another layout as I was explaining about it. Had a good turnout and all enjoyed themselves and said it was something they never thought of with circles. So they learnt a few new things.
Did a little bit of doodling on the layout. Some journalling strips on the sides.
Something new I learnt though was I really liked a particular rubon but found it too small for my layout so I scanned it and printed it larger onto transparency and cut it out.
I thought it looked great.
So if you look onto the pink layout you might just tell the transparency. The alternative to the HS bling circles is use Kindy Glitz but be very careful not to put too much too close together around your photo as it can warp the photo and create bumps.

This is a photo of my friend Donna's daughter Vanessa. It was her first Christmas and we had christmas drinks and BBQ with friends at our place and she just looked so cute sitting on her Daddy's lap in her Santa hat.
The Big HO is printed on Transparency as well then I traced it with white gel marker and cut it out. I also used fluid chalk in pink to colour / ink the edges of the circles and the word strips.
I really enjoyed teaching this class and had great feed back for it too.
I have a few more coming up next month with some OTP, Crackling Techniques, Journalling and layout Sketching.
Till Next time
Lea xxx

Monday, 27 August 2007

Crissy had a Baby Girl

Woo hoo.
Been waiting for ages to hear how Crissy ways going and she has a gorgeous baby girl born 24th August. See her blog for pictures of her little one.

She is so gorgeous.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Funniest Blog Around

Warning you're gonna pysl at this blog. What a hoot! Very funny blog that has the understanding of all mothers. It will leave you nodding your head in agreeance in absolute stitches. So if you want a great laugh go to Dawn's Blog - Because I said so. You'll be coming back for more. So check it out for a great laugh - the best medicine on a bad day.

thanks for the laughs Dawn.


Lea xx

Rockn Girl

I am totally surprised thanks Kerry for Nominating Me as a Rockn Girl Blogger. You're an awesome girl yourself and I just love your creations. They are totally amazing. I met Kerry at the Adelaide Retreat in May this year and she's just lovely to get to know. I read Kerry's blog just about every day as she is always doing something and a new creation keeps popping up. Now to nominate some others I think Really Rock! I nominate Crissy Gaylor, Jane Logan and Mel Diener all are absolute Rockn Girls and I totally adore their work and creations. ( I know its naughty to have 3 but they totally inspire me) I find all girls to be very down to earth, beautiful people and great mothers and mother to be. Go Girls you Rock and I visit your blogs often as I love hearing about how you've been going and the gorgeous creations you upload.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Paying it Forward!

What a great idea - Paying it Forward!
Got this from Leanne's Blog I visited regarding all the Kite Event - WindJam07 at Glenelg.
This is the first time I've done this but looks like fun.

How it works is the first 3 people to respond to this post will get a little something special from me a RAK ( Random Act of Kindness ) I have mainly scrapping RAK's so I'll have to think for anyone none Scrapping but that's ok.
Once you've responded to my post here I'll get your details from you to post your special RAK to you. Then it is your turn to pay it forward too. You can do this by posting Pay It Forward on your blog and passing on a gift to those who respond to your post. See how far we can keep paying it forward. It's great to receive something for no reason at all, just sharing the love.

So if you'd like something special from me, be one of the first 3 to respond to this post.

Cheers Look forward to hearing from you.


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Special SWV Kit

Here is a sneekpeek at the next kit I have created for SWV. Keep your eyes open for this one. It's a special one. First time I used Pizzazzill. Thanks KerryM for the inspiration to create a layout with Pizzazzill and put my own twist on it. I love it now. But you'll have to wait till its up in the shop for a full view. This one is special because of the photo I used. Lovely picture of wonderful lady on her honeymoon at Taronga Zoo when she was 20.
Lea xx

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Well today Scouts and the General public broke the Guiness World Record with the amount of kites flown at the same time. They achieved today 1127 kites down at Glenelg Beach today. Well done and what a great day. It rained in the morning but the rest of the day was great. Couldn't have asked for a better day and there was heaps of people milling up and down the precinct so a great time for all.

DH said it went extremely well. To see some photos check out Leanne's blog great shots of the day.

Lea xx


Part of today was of Reflection of my friend Dani who passed away earlier this year. She was a beautiful girl and of my age. I thought I'd might try and have a look at some of the things her mother passed to me. Brought back a lot of school memories. So this afternoon I was a bit melancholy. I still can't scrap her picture yet but one day I will. For now her picture is held in my heart.
I miss her.

Rest In Peace Sweet Girl.

Lea xx

Friday, 17 August 2007

Guest Design Team Call

Scrap with V
are looking for
2 Guest Designers
to start for the month of September so be quick to jump on this and have a look here for the details.

Lea xx

Got Something Funky

Well I have a sneak peak at something Funky for you.
Can't tell you what it is but you'll have to wait till the weekend.
It's a Kit for Scrap With V.
So stay tunned and all will be revealed soon.
Lea xx

Guiness World Record Attempt

A Guiness World Record Attempt is in the process through Scouts Australia SA Branch and Glenelg Beach house. To attempt to hold the world record of the most amount of kites flying at any one time.
You do not need to be a scout this is for
anyone to join in.
This will be held tomorrow Saturday 18th August down at Glenelg on the foreshore near The Beach House.

Kites and extra goodies are $10 each. So come down to Glenelg SA early from 10am onwards to participate and register at this Guiness World Record Attempt. UK scouts did it last year and got 900 or so participants now it our turn to double it and put SA and Australia on the Map. Come on Aussie's! come and support us.

Lots of other fun and excitement going on down at Glenelg too so bring the family!

Lea xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

I'm Tagged

1-Post these rules.
2-Each person tagged must post 8 random (... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3-Taggees should write a blogpost of these facts.
4- At the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named and released back into the wild.
5-Go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged*.

Ok here goes!

1. From the age of 5yrs to 18yrs I did traditional Austrian Dancing & played Austrian cowbells.

2. I married my High School Sweetheart.

3. I am fanscinated with Stone Henge. Ever since my high school did the Rock Eisteddford with it as a back drop doing Wuthering Heights, I have been intrigued to learn more.

4. I have also taken a huge interest in the Titanic. I used to watch the black & white movie about it. I was just in awe of it. I have the Updated / current version on Video and its the special Edition with all the pictures and the film strip too. I have a couple of books on it too.

5. When I was young I wanted to be an Architect or Councellor. I love drawing houses and floor plans. And love helping people.

6. I am a girly girl trapped in a male dominant family. But that's ok I love them all. I just like a bit more pink around the place lol!

7. I love cooking and having friends over for a nice meal and playing board games or cards after.

8. I am definately not a night clubber never have been. Too loud and I'm normally buggered by midnight anyway and get board there easily.

Ok now to tag another
so I tag:

Vicki Brunner
Donna Coddington
Lynn Cresswell
Kerry Murray
Jane Logan
Kylie Moore
Lee Meredith

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

More Circle Journal Pages

More photos of my Circle Journal. This was a raw BoBunny 6 x 6 album that I cover with MME bohemian pp and just added the ribbon.

This is my titlepage & my theme for the circle journal
"Scrappin' Tips & Techniques"

For my technique I have chosen OPALS. I got taught this at the SA Craft Fair from the girls
at Charlotte's Web. Now I love it!

This is my instruction & information page about my
circle journal.

As there are 12 of us in the Circle Journal I made up 3 sign in pages as it was too much
to just have two pages.
So its now complete by me and ready to send off to the next person.
I look forward to receiving the next one.
Lea xx

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Canvas & other scrapping Layouts

I am so happy to say that the Scrap Canvas is now up and available from Scrap with V. I had some much fun doing it. This one above is the shop one I created. The one below is for PJ (Peta) who won the competition. Enjoy!

Here is the full Layout I did for my friend Kerry aswell. I used the Addison Range of Printed papers. It does look better in real life. The colours are much more vibrant than what the photo does to it.

I'll have some more photos up of my Circle Journal soon so keep a watch out. I think my scrapbooking mojo has returned after a short break and I am ready to go again. I have a monogram class at Rrip It Scrapbooks on Thursday night so that should be great too.
Did my first Stampin' Up! workshop today and had an absolute ball and have more booking in for some new techniques so I am thrilled at that.
Till next time
Take Care
Lea xx

Friday, 10 August 2007

Sneak Peak

This is a sneak peak of a layout I have done for a special friend of mine. I used the Addison Range of paper with lots of lovely flowers and bling. It looks so much better in real life. But I am really happy how it turned out. Colours are a bit aqua but they went well with the photo and papers. Hope you like sweet friend and hope it brightens your day. mwah!
Lea xx

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Busy Week

Well it has been a busy week. The Adelaide Craft Fair was great fun, I did some Demos for Rrip It Scrapbooks and also learnt something new myself.
Hmmmm Opals wow this was really cool.

We used opals on chipboard and it looked fantastic and even put stamp impressions into the opals and it just gave it a great lift. I was awestruck by the effect of it. I'll be definately trying it again. May put together a tutorial about it and some of the things you can do with opals.

Took both boys to see Peditrician - All seems fairly good there. Mitch has a preventer now for his Asthma. Just also worked out why Mitch has been getting up at midnight for the past few weeks. He has been having bad dreams about monsters under his bed and now that Hayden has his own room, Mitch is scared. We read to Mitch and reassure him there is nothing there. Even got the air freshner out and sprayed under the bed to say the monster is gone now.
He is so dependant on Hayden that we are trying to introduce him to other things and other friends.

Met up with Kerry Murray yesterday which was really great. Went down to Mc Cafe with the kids. Had a great chat. And the kids had a great play together. Mitch was a little upset on the way home as he had a great time with Mikayla. He was calling 'my kayla, I want kayla' cute poppet he is. We'll have to do it again Kerry. I may see if I can get down and do a class at Scrap Station to see the other girls there too.

Currently working on my Circle Journal for Scrap with V. Love it! Here is a look at my sign in page. I thought doing flower tags would be something different to do instead of normal tags.

Here is a close up of the flower tag. I am so into wire at the moment that I thought I'd have a go at making the centre of the flower with wire and beads. I think it looks cool. The flowers are diecuts by K&Company and I think they are gorgeous.

I did my first Rrip It Class last week really enjoyed that. I have another class next weekon Thursday making chipboard monograms. So I am looking forward to that.

I'm running a Stampin' Up! workshop too at Mum's place on Sunday so I am looking forward to that and having a lot of fun there. We will be making little 6 x 6 scrap pages. Mum wants to learn about scrapbooking as she'd like to go to the Retreat in Qld next year with me for SWV. So excited about that.


Lea xx

Friday, 3 August 2007

What's Happening

Well at Scrap with V they have some great challenges going on. A Sketch Challenge by Kerry and a August winter challenge by Donna. Be sure to go over and have a look.

Also Scrap with V's first Cyber Crop will be held on the weekend of September 7. So come over and join in for the weekend, there are some great prizes too with some great challenges lined up for the weekend. Don't miss out.

Retreat - Fundraising for Kids Cancer Adelaide
Rrip It Scrapbooking - Adelaide are looking at organising a special Retreat to raise money for Kids Cancer. Location will be at Tatachilla - more details to come. But hope to have some great classes and teachers. We have our own gourmet chief onsite for all meals. A huge function room for scrapping and mingling. Accommodation is in dormatries attached to the function rooms.
Raffles, auctions, door prizes, big scrap sponsors donating products. Wines donated from surrounding wineries in SA and lovely dinner for 2 up for grabs at a prominant resturant.
There is also a night tour in the nearby park where you can meet, see and feed the animals.
Dates are coming possibly between March and May 2008. I'll let you know as details come available. At this retreat we are looking to raise as much money we can for Kids Cancer, and have a fabulous time.
Cost will be about $200-$250 for the weekend this includes meals, accomodation, goodies and some classes. Some classes maybe a gold coin donation for kids cancer foundation. How good is that.

Anyone that would like to contribute as a teacher to provide their services FREE for this Fundraising Retreat please register with me by emailing me and what you'd like to demo.
Demonstrations to run about 30 - 45 mins.

* More Competitions coming here soon so keep a look out here.

Lea xx


Thanks all for their lovely words, and emails. It has been a most interesting week with no room for rest. But boys are doing well. Mitch's Medication is being reduced each day and hopefully back to his normal self soon.

Hayden has his plaster for 4 weeks and is starting to get used to it.
He'll be back at school next week so we'll see how we go there. Sometimes he's a fragile soul.

I guess boys tend to break something, sometime in their life. Hopefully no more. I don't think he'll be playing on slipperydips again.

Well last night was my first teaching class at Rrip It Scrapbooks. I was a bit nervous but the ladies were lovely and calmed my nerves quickly.
We chattered and laughed it was just great. I did a doodling class with the girls and they couldn't believe how relaxing it is and just how effective it was looking. I look forward to my next one.

I have finished the Canvas for Peta now and it looks great. I'll upload it once its in the shop at Scrap with V.

I've been making some cards with my Stampin' Up! products and having fun there.
And just about to start my CJ with some great girls at Scrap with V.

Anyway thanks again to all who read my blog.

Lea xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

So Much Happening.

It's been a full on week with Mitch not well, had another stint in hospital with an Asthma Attack.
Didn't get much sleep there.
And yesterday I had Hayden's school ring me to let me know that Hayden fell off the slippery dip at lunch time (from the top). So I picked up my distressed little man and took him to the hospital and got an xray done. He has broken his arm just above the wrist across both bones. So he has a lovely red plaster cast on his arm all the way past his elbow.
So its been a little stressing but we are getting through it.

Got my first class at Rrip It Scrapbooking at Reynella tomorrow night so that's exciting.

I will also be helping out at the Stamping & Scrapbooking craft Fair on Sunday at Morphettville Race Course and doing some demos. So that's all good. Busy but good.

Anyway I've got a lot to do today so I'll catch you all later.

Lea xx