Saturday, 21 February 2009

Today's Rambles

This morning Hayden had Kanga Cricket and he did very well.
Bowled one person out and ran out another. His school played against another school that his friend from Joey Scouts Josh goes to. So it was a bit ironic that both Hayden and Josh where playing against each other and they are great friends at Joeys.
Anyway both teams did very well and had lots of fun. This was Hayden's 2nd Game and they won today. Last week they lost but the team they played was very good. Hayden didn't mind losing as he just had great fun and that's all that mattered.
So buggered today and sleepy. Patrick hasn't been well so was up a few times during the night with him coughing. And then the early rise this morning to take all 3 kids with my by myself to Cricket. And if you know what Mitch is like hurry is not in his vocabulary. Sam (DH) was getting ready to go out to do some scouting stuff for most of the day. So highly strung today that its difficult to get any housework done today. I'm just exhausted already.
Would really like to do some scrapbooking today but don't know if I'm in the right mood for it. Would love to curl up and go to sleep.
Making a new commitment to myself today that I'm going to lose some weight and get rid of the excess after baby belly. But just have to take small steps as I'm still BF.
Looking into some cloth nappies saw some really cool ones on Baby Beehinds. Aren't they gorgeous.

Good ol' Sister in Law - Kelly put me onto these. They look and feel fantastic. So I'll give these a go. Wish I knew when I had Hayden what I know now. So much would've been different. Even if I knew half the stuff that I know now when I had Mitch would've been good too. Its all well in hindsight but I can still make a bit of a difference now even if Patrick is my last bubs.

Monday, 16 February 2009

On A Lighter Note

Patrick giggled for the first time yesterday evening while asleep in my arms it was so so cute it made me laugh.

Had a bit of concern Friday when a scrub fire broke out near where we live and was fairly close to Hayden's school to which parents could see lots of smoke and some flames. It went through 15 hectares in 1.5hours. You could hear the aerial water bombers in the sky and 3 fire units race past the school. Two streets had to be evacuated for precaution measures only. I just can't believe how close it was and it really hit home. Poor Hayden had a nightmare about fire last night he was in histerics. I think with everything on the news and then so close to home and school it just got too much for Hayden. But he is ok now after I showed him our fire alarms and said that the fire would've never got to our house as there are lots of houses in between. Even though its less than 1km from our house and about 500m from the school its still a bit scarey.

Hayden started Kanga Cricket this Saturday and had lots of fun. They played Glenelg Primary School although they didn't win Hayden said he had fun and that's all that mattered. 'Good on ya Hayden - that's what sport is all about'

Can't believe this Friday coming Patrick will be 12weeks old. Time has absolutely flown by. Plus he is finally gaining suitable weight last week was 200g compared to the previous fortnight was only 60g in that 2 week period. So he is chunkying up will put up a piccie soon of him.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Vic Bushfires Support

It has been just overwhelming to see what has been happening over in Victoria with the bushfires and the devistation of its effects. Its been wonderful to see on the otherhand how all Australians have pulled together to help out in a variety of ways. No matter what the world is going through right now financially most of us see it that Hey Victoria needs us and we'll just dig that little deeper just to help contribute to the rebuilding of peoples lives who have lost so much.

I have family too over there that are close to the fires but they are no longer in direct threat. To which I hope stays that way for them.

I'm thinking that maybe my Joey Scouts ( 6yrs - 8yrs ) can do something to help.
They will be doing a bike hike south of Adelaide for an hour or so. Maybe 3kms. We will have families and friends sponsoring the joey scouts ride to then donate to the Vic Bushfires. We'd like to raise as much money as we can so if there is anyone that would like to sponsor the Joey Scouts Bike Hike to Help Vic Bushfires do email me to find out where to send donation.
Our son, Hayden will be one of 30 joeys taking part in this ride to help raise money.

Thankyou from:
Wallaby ( Joey Scout Leader )
Roo ( Assistant Joey Scout Leader )
Bandicoot ( Assistant Joey Scout Leader )

I am sad at the magnitude of life lost in these fires and what people have lost words cannot describe the heartache they must be feeling. I just hope they all know that all our hearts are open across Australia for them.