Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lasting Impressions

How to create long lasting impressions and memories from our uniquely designed photo stationery and gifts!(c) Copyright 2009 by Lea Adcock

How many times have you... received a card, invitation or photo album that you end up throwing away after a few weeks?
At Nes Mitchden designs we make our products and services memorable. Our quality designed cards, invitations and photo/ scrapbook albums can be created with your desired photos in a gorgeous and artistic way.

Baby Announcement and or Thankyou cards can be fairly overwhelming to organise shortly after the birth of your baby.
Imagine you taking the first photos of your new baby either at hospital or at home or perhaps you adored the professional ones. Wouldn't you love to showcase that photo to all your friends and family as either a Thankyou card or as an Announcement of your baby's arrival with all of baby's details?

Nes Mitchden designs can take the hassle away by designing and creating your cards for you so all you have to do is post them.Or perhaps you are looking for more of a personal wedding invitation or thankyou card to give to your guests in rememberance or reminder of your special day?

Nes Mitchden designs can use your engagement photos or wedding photos to creat a lasting memory of your special day or impending wedding. A picture of yourselves is a personal touch to your guests showing the love you share as a couple.

How about those photo albums that seem to stack up with photos and get put into dusty cupboards out of sight?
Why not let Nes Mitchden designs put a little pizzazz and artistic creation into your photos to bring them alive. A fantastic gift to give a family or friend for their special event or birthday. A feature that will be kept out on showand out of the cupboard.
You can benefit by our products and services to create an impact on your friends and family. Our personalised attention to detail to each unique design, taking into account your own style, suggestions, and theme.
Creating a specialised invitation for a friend to incorporate a variety of events to happen on the one special day - She gave me photos to represent each event from the christening of her two children, a birthday and a 10 year wedding anniversary. It was seen straight away on the invitation without reading it what the invitation was to include. The photos of her children and marriage certificate with rings and flowers surrounding it. It gave a visual effect to her guests and making it personal.
From the testimonies we've received, personal touches mean more, last longer and are kept as a keepsake of the event or personal thanks. So not only are you getting these gorgeous photo stationery or gifts but 5% of our profits is dontated to the Teddy Love Club - Pregnancy and Infant loss support. ( Support and Understanding for bereaved parents ) for creating keepsakes for the parents who leave hospital empty handed.
Why not have your photos displayed in an artistic form by Nes Mitchden designs?
Wouldn't you prefer to receive a personal card, invitation or gift?
Check out our website for ideas and tips on the types of photos to take or use in creating the perfect card, invitation or gift. Nes Mitchden designs

My Little Boy is 4 months old.

Wow is time flying. He is 4 months old now. Has his imms Monday - not looking forward to that.
Patrick is now becoming a cute little bubs by filling out now. He still low in weight but getting there. In comparison to what he was born 4.95kg he is only 5.7kg now. He's not losing weight but just gaining slowly. Had a few bouts of the colds and cough. Poor little guy is now cutting 4 teeth shortly as they aren't far from erupting. No wonder he has been screaming so bad.

Starting to organise Patrick's Baptism invitations etc... and the details that go with it.

Trying to get back into scrapbooking. I have some CM albums to do of the boys so will have to get cracking on that and print off some photos of that.


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Life is Busy

Busy but happy. So much been happening in the last few weeks. Been to tupperware parties, creactive memories demonstrations, learning ladder gatherings all are good and can't wait for my goodies to arrive. Something about getting things remotivates and gives you the warm and fuzzies.

Patrick is 14 weeks today time is flying by. Mitch been a little unwell with his asthma but hopefully its settles soon.

Business Blog & Competition

Finally added the blog site to go with my Nes Mitchden designs website.
So happy with all of it, its all finished.
No more secrets lol
Nes Mitchden Designs are also looking for a new team Designer.
Its a bit of a trial thing at the moment getting the feel for the market at the moment.
Also visit the Blog to see the Competition details.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Nes Mitchden designs

Finally my new website is finished. Bubs & Kisses has now amalgamated and now has a new name.
Nes Mitchden designs which incorporates the products and services of Bubs & Kisses with Stationery products of invitations and cards for all occasions.
I am thrilled that its all come together nicely and can't wait to embark on this new direction.
Thankyou to Millie Tanner & Steph Campbell who have also joined me on this new journey.

Take Care