Thursday, 27 September 2007

I've Been Tagged!

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Little Boys - Mitch and Hayden
Embellishment Addict
Nocturnal ( lol ) well up late I know! lol
Emotional Scrapper( sometimes and wear my heart on my sleeve )

I tag:
Kerry Murray
Vicki Brunner
Jodi Dolbel

Lea xx

What I've Been Up To!

Here is some more things that I've been creating. These gorgeous little purse and bags from K&Company are just lovely to make. A gorgeous gift idea put soap or little lollies inside them.
I've also been making the flowers from K&Company I'll show you some of them next.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Sneak Peak

A Beautiful Mind
Here is my sneak peak at my next layout. I was inspired by great friend Vicki Brunner with her Layout. I just loved the beads. This layout is different to hers but loved the stampin she did on the alphas. I stamped over stickers that were adhered to CS and then used dimensional magic over the top. I have also use a little bit of layering techniques on this one and a hand made embellishment. I also used PS7 to alter the photo to just bring out her Jacket and leave everything black and white.
You'll have to wait and see who the special Lady is. Sorry to tease but I just so loved these papers. More details about this layout soon.
Lea xxx

Nice Things to Say and Do for a Pregnant Lady

Here are some nice comments to say to someone who is pregnant. Let me know what nice things you would've prefered people to say.

*** Only if you are positive that the person is pregnant do you ask when they are due. Best to save face than get it wrong. ***

Never touch a pregnant ladies tummy unless invited too, Many don't like it!

"When are you due? Wow, you are looking lovely"

"Pregnancy is really agreeing with you, you look great"

"Aren't you glowing today"

Comments about the way they look is always a positive way to go.
Sometime I wished I had a book to give some people that really had no tact in bringing up the subject of pregnancy only to end it on a negative note.

Nice things to do.

Open the door for them.

Offer them your seat on public transport or in a shopping mall.

All these sort of things help and make things a little easier for these women.

Till next time
Lea xx

Monday, 24 September 2007

Hot Topic - Pregnancy Comparisons

A question that was asked to me today?
Don't you just hate it when another girl at work or friend that's pregnant is compared to you? Have you ever had someone ask when you're due to comment how big you are?

Trust me I know this all to well. I had these in both of my pregnancies with my boys. My boys were not small bubs either both were over 8lbs. But the fact was I couldn't shake the negative comments directed at me and my pregnant body. I was compared to someone with a petite body so it made me look like I had a mutant child growing inside of me with 2 heads and 6 legs or something.
I became self conscious of pregnant body. I really never thought I would get to that. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancies, not be compared or sized up to others. I hadn't had my child and I was getting compared to other mum's to be. And we wonder why we start comparing babies after that. We are lead to believe from the start that we are doing something wrong because we don't compare up to others expectations. I know this is so silly to believe, but why do we still listen to what others say that really have no right to judge?
Something to ask yourself I think about why you care about what others think or say.
I guess we are just trying to fit in, to be liked, to be asked questions or talk about baby things. To create a friend.
I thought about this a while when pregnant with Mitchell. I guess the underlying factor was to create a friend as friends talk about good things. And it doesn't matter whether you know the person well or not, we all like to be treated the same whether we are pregnant or skinny or small or big.

A person close to me asked me today. How did I cope being compared to other pregnant ladies and comments made how big I was.
Well to begin with it hurt a lot. I felt that maybe something was wrong with me or my baby to get such negative comments. It was hard to get out of the mindset of being upset and annoyed.
I had to think about shifting the hurt or anger I felt. So I came up with some comments to say back. But before I did this I had to accept myself, my size in the stage of pregnancy I was at, and believe in what my response is to the person.

Some of the things I said were of course said in the nicest possible way without being rude:

"Thankyou for noting that I have a gorgeous pregnant body, I love my body just the way it is thanks"

"At least I am healthy"

" hmmm I think its a girl"

" hmmm I think its a boy"

" I am sorry you feel that way, I love being pregnant"

" Thanks, My Doctor says I am a healthy size for my baby"

I just repeated a few of these and the person got the message that really I wasn't fazed at my size. That there was nothing wrong with my size and that I was healthy and loved my baby body.
I think the most important factor is to love your pregnant body. 'You're not a cow or a beached whale or preschool bus carrying all the kiddies. You're in fact something far more special than any of those. You're going to be a Mum whether it be the first time or 2nd, 3rd etc... you are still special. You are carrying a mircle of your love and devotion to create your own family. Let not others judge you for creating a mircle within yourself. You should be full of pride with every kick you feel.

Many generations have probably past the person that made the comment or hasn't had kids for awhile or never had any at all.
You are unique, your pregnancy and baby are unique.

Keep your chin up, I know its hard. But think of ways why you love your pregnant body and tell the person that either compared you or left the unfavourable comment. If you are fine with who you are and how your pregnancy is going no one else should matter but your own Doctor observing your pregnancy.

Take Care to all those who are pregnant and are due to have your gorgeous babies in your arms soon. Remember You are Special let no one knock you off your perch, you have a right to glow!



Sunday, 23 September 2007

Need an Excuse to Stamp Once a Month?

Come join my monthly Stamp Club with Stampin' Up! , Make a few projects each month,
and take turns receiving the Hostess Benefits.
Collect all the items on your never - ending wish list
by placing a $30 net total order each month.
If you are interested please contact me
so I can put your name down.
Next Stamp Club Gathering 13th October
At My Place
1pm - 4pm
Only 5 seats left.
Choice of Projects
5 Cards
Double 12 x 12 Scrapbooking Layout
Learn some new techniques
Cost $15
Catalogues Available for Purchase too.
Lea xx

Basic Grey Gallery

Woohoo, I now have my first layout accepted to the Basic Grey Gallery. I am so thrilled.
To view go to Basic Grey link here.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

September Challenge Kit

This is the September Challenge Kit from Scrap With V. I thought I'd try another Layout kick start this Scrapping Mojo. I hope its working. Tomorrow I'll finish off what I've been so behind in and post off on Monday.
Products used Chipboard alphas by Wishmade, Apple Candy pp - Sweet apple. BG black rubons, MM paint - Honeydew, fancy pants big board chipboard florals, bling, ribbon, pewter frame and cardstock.
Lea xx

Friday, 21 September 2007


I have been searching for inspiration to get my Scrappin Mojo back since being sick. I have created 2 layouts.

The first one, 'Bestfriends' I got inspiration from Kerry Murray, I totally admirer her work. And I just loved her Lily Layout. So I gave it a go by using Basic Grey - Blush - Adore & Admire. Also used the matching diecut alphas and BG Rubons. I cut out all the leaves / hearts and the flowers and layered them.
The circle around 'be' was done using Dimensional Magic and placing beads one by one around the edge. I even added a little signature embellishment to it - One of my Dragonflies.

This second Layout is for my Stamping Class at Rrip It Scrapbooks. Using watercolour crayons directly onto the stamps and using water mist to wet it, then stamped onto some cardstock. It came out great. Then with a blender pen I used to shade in certain areas, partially colouring in.

I also used some cute little vellum with vintage type pictures on it from my lovely friend Donna.

The flowers I used a template and cut them out and then folded each petal in half and flattened out. Then using a pen I curled each petal.
All I have to add is some of my own hand journalling to the page then its finished.

Both Layouts are for classes at Rrip It Scrapbooks coming up shortly. The first one comes from a sketch, to which I dressed it up a bit more. Then used the layering technique from Kerry Murray. ( thanks Kerry). I also used some BG white edge rubons.

Hope to get better soon so I can get back into the full swing of things again. Sorry if I have been slack updating the blog. Will get better as I get better.


Lea xx

Rip My Head Off

What a day! It's been rather busy and its been non stop since Hayden got in the car when I picked him up from school and started screaming as soon as he sat down. The type of high shrill scream combined put - on type of cry / sob. A fly zoomed past him then found ants climbing on his trousers and he was off. He wouldn't calm down enough to listen to me so had to order him out the car so I could see what the problem was. Either he had been rolling in the grass or ants had been attracted to his bag somewhere to get them on him as none were in the car till he came in.
Mitch meanwhile playing with his seatbelt got his foot somehow tangled and was beginning to cry and get louder about it. My head was already thumping with a headache from this morning but could feel it coming down into my sinus' and was starting to feel miserable. Untangled Mitch quickly to settle him down.
Anyway while out of the car I told Hayden to brush himself down and get back into the car. We drove home with him still screaming everytime a fly flew past him. There was nothing I could do till we got home and just had to turn up the music.
Once home and in the house I told Hayden to strip off his clothes and put something else on so I could sort his clothes out with the ants on them. Finally got some clothes onto him and then the boys just started chasing each other screaming around the house. Then the dobbing started. Great! So I just separated them and did some things with Mitch for a bit till a friend came over to pick up her Stampin' Up! order and chat.
I find that when someone comes over its like a switch that goes off in the kids heads and they just totally ignore me. I think I wore the Time Out Chair this afternoon.
So here I am now at 7:30pm a movie is playing " Spirit of the Cimeron" (sp) some thing like that and all is quiet. Peace has finally come maybe for an hour.
Time to try to scrap again. Bring my scrapping Mojo back before I just rip my head off. Just haven't been able to focus. And when your health is a bit up and down it all just knocks you around. So DH has decided that we'll go out tomorrow just us two and leave the kids with my Mum so we can go to the Movies to see The Bourne Ultimatium, then go out for dinner. We don't do this type of thing much and its just nice to spend time together every now and then without the boys. Then Saturday night upto Woodhouse for Scouting Leaders Reunion. So I look forward to that too.
I think I will sleep well tonight. Well try too.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Scrapping Mojo

Well my Scrapping Mojo has walked out the door but they might be from not being well. But am trying to do what I can.

I hate it when your Scrapping Mojo walks out the door. Its really hard to get it going again at the best of times let alone being sick too.

Anyway here is a card I made for Dad for Fathers Day. I used SU Spectrum ink pad, and their lovely stamps. I am happy with the outcome in the end.

Tonight I need to gather whatever strength I have to finish a swap I am lagging behind in. I feel so bad about that cos I got sick towards the end of it. Things aren't going right. So I will try to do that and put up my mum's layouts in the gallery. She's been doing so well at scrapping.

Will post again soon.

Love Lea xx

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Baby Websites

I have a few friends that are pregnant and a few trying so I thought I'd give some great Baby Links to visit if anyone is interested. Most websites cater for TTC , pregnancy, birth, baby, toddler, preschool & parenting topics.

So check them out.
Baby Centre - Australia
Fertility Friend - US
Baby Gender

I am still working out if this is a track to revisit for the 3rd time or not. There is a lot to consider now so I am weighing all that up. If I do I'd let you know on here.
Lea xx

Full On Weekend

This weekend has been so full on. Doesn't help that I have not been well, so it was kind of draining by today. I worked for Dad on Friday while he and mum went to Auntie Rae's 50th Birthday up in NT. Then was greeted with Friends over for dinner. That's ok they brought dinner with them to share as I was so stuffed from work.
Saturday DH was out all day with scouting stuff to do so trying to keep the kids occupied with activities while not well was a bit of a test. Once DH came home we were off to visit some friends we haven't seen for a few weeks and have dinner at their place. So it was nice to catch up with them but time got away from us and we didn't leave their place till 1am and home by 2am. Then poor Hayden started a coughing fit that just seemed to get worse. So I spent the night in the family room on the sofabed with Hayden and Mitch with me.
Today DH MIL came over in the morning to catch up with us which was lovely as we hadn't seen her for a few weeks.
Then thought we'd go out and find Mitch a camping bed for when we go camping in October ( hope I am feeling better by then ), to Berri. The camp bed will be Mitch's Birthday present. So now both boys have one.
So we had lunch out at Macca's that was interesting. The kids have had ants in their pants all day. I just wanted to go home to bed.
Due to a previous health problem I had before I had the boys which has decided to return, sometimes stress triggers it or if I am really emotional. Oh I hate it. Hope maybe it can be sorted out soon and I'll be back to my normal self again.
This week is jam packed aswell with so much to catch up on and mojo just not working to get scrapping to my best again. Might need to do a challenge to get it working again. Or may need a break to sort myself out and get well then come back into it again.
I am working again tomorrow for Dad, but am looking for something a bit more full time for 3 days a week. Need to start thinking for the future a bit more now. So I am currently looking whats available.
Lea xx

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Design Team Call - Copycatcards

Copycatcards are looking for DT's for their website. For more details check out here.
They are fairly new so check them out.
Lea xx

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Charming Child

Don't get me wrong I love my kids dearly. But they can make me laugh so much or make me cry. The latest for Mitch today. He wanted some lunch so I shared some left overs from last night since he didn't eat much last night and wanted to go to bed. So he and I had some Tuna Mornay. I thought it tasted good. I told him he needs to eat his lunch to which in turn responds ' I don't like it, It's BORING Mummy'.

Didn't know whether to be in shock for him saying it or just laugh. I've never heard him say that before. So I just smiled and said 'thanks dear' can you now go eat your lunch to make you big and strong. Oh well! My little funny for the day.

Lea xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Design Team Call - LimeTart

Lime Tart is on the hunt for a new permant DT member for their website. You'll have to hurry as applications close this Sunday 9th September. To find out more ....Details.....

Good Luck.



New Layout for MTB

Miss You!
A lovely picture of my Nana & Pa at the Austrian Club in Adelaide.
This is my next DT Layout for Meant to Be Scrapbooking.
More coming shortly.
Lea xx

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Hospitals & Mitchell Don't Mix

What a fun filled day its been today after picking Hayden up from School. It was the day for Hayden to get his plaster taken off. And he was so excited about it. So straight from School we went on to the hospital. I knew we'd be waiting a bit as we had to go through ED and wait till called. That doesn't bother me at all. But for Mitch it just wasn't good enough for him today.
Ok Mitch is normally grumpy after a little sleep and non to impressed being woken up and put into his stroller. Bugger me if I was going to make him walk in or carry him in screaming. I thought maybe put him in the stroller and he might settle back down as he was still a little sleepy. But oh no he wasn't impressed at all. Didn't want to walk or go in stroller. I was so dreading this trip into the hospital I knew it was gonna be like this. But it had to be done.
As we got closer to the ED doors Mitch started howling ( crying loudly) got to triage and they asked what's the matter looking down at Mitch. I told him ( yes a male triage nurse) it wasn't Mitch it was Hayden, we were here just to get his cast taken off.
Did all our bits and went to sit down. Mitch wanted out so I let him out to sit on my lap, then he wanted to go sit over by the toys. I said No due to being over crowded in that section. But what gets me they put the vending machines where all the toys are so you also get the kids ear bashing you for chips, lollies or chocolate. I had prepared myself before hand and brought a little chocolate with me as a reward for the boys being good and Hayden being brave with his cast being taken off. But the boys continued to squabble over who sits on my lap. Mitch telling Hayden he hates him and that he is not his brother. I have an old couple sitting across from me trying to do cross words in a magazine and 2 ladies near me with a young girl with very high temp and as white as a ghost. I just wanted to go home. I hate being in uncomfortable situations that I feel my boys are disturbing others with their constant bickering.
It's like when the boys where babies and you're out shopping and they wont stop crying. You just want to hide, your frustration is building and you just want to go to a safe place so your child wont annoy anyone. Although many Mum's would want to reach out to help you feel you have to diffuse the situation yourself.
Anyway I ended up saying no one will sit on my lap and proceeded to put Mitch into his stroller to keep him still from cracking up cos I wouldn't let him push the stroller around the waiting room at the hospital. The little girl wasn't too well sitting across from us and the triage gave her some medicine and an ice pole. Mitch pouts with his arms crossed saying That's not fair! I tried explaining to him that the little girl was sick and had some yukky medicine and for taking her medicine she got an icepole to take the taste away aswell as cool her a bit too.
Well to a almost 3 yr old he wasn't going to comprehend the reason and I knew that. But I couldn't say much more than that.
Probably 10mins later the Male triage nurse comes up behind me with 2 icepoles in his hands. Must have been watching the carry on and felt sorry. I thanked him very much for the thought and let the boys have the ice poles.
Can you imagine for then next 15mins there was peace. They were sitting still there was quiet.
Next thing I notice we're being called up. Everything goes smoothly Hayden laughs the whole time while they take the cast off as the machine tickles him.
Then as we walk out the Hospital Mitch cracks up again with icepole in each hand screaming Cold cold. I grab whats left and threw it in the bin. Now he has sticky hands as well as I do. Grrrr. Anyway he cracks up more that I've thrown it away. I'm starting to get frustrated again but quickly and calmly head to the car put the boys in the car. Rummaged around for baby wipes. Couldn't find any so drove with sticky hands home.
What a lovely end to the day. That I just said to DH you can put them to bed. I am exhausted playing referee.
Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.
Time to do some scrapping I think.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Mum Catches the Scrapping Bug

Had Mum come over today to do some scrapbooking. We worked on it together. I told her all the basics how to find paper to go with your photos. Stuff like that. We used MME Bohemia range. She had an absolute ball doing this. I let her do most of it with my for guidence and suggestions. She is now super excited and went home thrilled. So she is well and truly hooked. So we'll plan another Scrap one on one again soon for her.
Lea xx