Thursday, 30 April 2009

Home Photo Shoot

Isn't he a dish!
With his dreamy bambi eyes and soft light blue colourings.
I just love taking photos of him.
I must scrap some layouts of him.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Boy N Me!

He is just so adorable, very huggable and squishy. He is 5 months next Tuesday. I've just received my fluffy mail - modern cloth nappies that feel like velvet. They look great on him. Got them from Baby Beehinds.
I'll be sure to get some cute pictures of him in his trendy nappies.

A New Position - part-time DT

Well after stumbling across a local Scrapbook Shop near by and after having a great chat with Simone, I've accepted a Design Team position with her shop Abundantias Gold (based in Adelaide). I'm excited about it and will be starting really slowly as I need to work around my family and young Patrick.
But I'm just doing Layout Kits for the shop. So you'll have to see my current layout in store shortly.
Maybe later in the year I might get back into teaching too.
Stay tuned for sneek peeks of some of my upcoming work due to be featured at Abundantias Gold.
Hope you enjoy the kits.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nes Mitchden designs Announcement

Designers Wanted

We are looking for two more designer at Nes Mitchden designs.
So if you are good at using photoshop or something similar
or would like the chance to learn how to make our nappy and wedding cakes,
personalised scrapbooking albums
or a particular area in our business, be sure to email us before the 31st April.
* A little about yourself / family
* What you can do for the business
* What you would like to do for the business - area you'd like to work in
* Attach examples of some of your work ( if you have any )
New Designer will be announced June 1st.
Cheers from The NMD team

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My Lil Man

This is the latest picture of my little man. He is just gorgeous. He is approximately 4 months in this photo. He is growing too fast but his smiles are just heart melting. He loves to laugh now and adores his brothers as they make him laugh. I look forward to scrapbooking more pictures of him. His length is growing quite quickly already 65cms. I think he'll be a very tall boy when he grows up.

Exciting News

I have some exciting news to tell but have to keep it secret for now till it is announced properly. But its all good! Will be able to tell you all soon.

Other minor news is I've started to scrap again just slowly getting back into it. So I hope to put up some of my work again on my website.

Hoping I can get my fluffy mail soon too.