Sunday, 23 November 2008

Beyond Time!

Well my EDD has been and gone it was yesterday - 22 November.
This is my last picture that I took when I was about 38 weeks. I know I'm big but its all Baby. So you can probably understand that I am very over being pregnant and would just love to meet my little man.

Been trying to keep myself occupied with scrapping and all kinds of things like movies etc... but just not working well there either. But have finished my Secret Santa gift for a friend at Scrap with V just waiting for it to be posted soon.

DH and a friend are painting the nursery today in a mint green which will look lovely when its finished cant wait till its finished. Will take photos when its all done and the furniture is back in it. Everything is all green, yellow and pale blue. All frogs and turtles theme.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Congratulations Rochelle

To one of my great mates Congratulations for today for the arrival of your new bubs.
A sister for Lachlan.
Sophie Rochelle Bing
7lb 3oz
Born sometime this morning.
I look forward to meeting her.
I hope my bubs isn't too far away either.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Special Gift

Another friend of mine is going to have a baby next week on Tuesday so I've made her a special gift which I'll give to her today when I see her at School when she goes to pick up her son Lachie. ( her son and my son are in same year level and Joey Scouts together ).

Its got 36 huggies nappies all rolled up ( the size of the diametre of the gift is like a party sized pizza ) socks, 5 singlets, nappybags, GAIA baby bathing products the little ones there is about 5, something for mum - mango and sheabutter - handcream, moisturiser and shower gel. Choccies for the mum - gold coins, a hand knitted yellow cardigan, a little soft Russ toy reindeer that says baby's 1st xmas. Large cream towel and matching face washer and a handmade card.

I still make these just have slowed down a bit due to my own impeding birth of my bubs. So after that its back to business as usual.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Last Minute Nesting

Well I've been a little busy today fixing the last bits of the nursery setting it up and clearing out any other boxes thats been put in there. Its all pastels green, blue, yellow and white.
Frogs and turtles looks really cool.
Still want to get a really nice cot blanket in green the satin edge ones. And will get some curtains for the room too.

Got my suitcase finally sorted out and finished so I'm living out of a suitcase as I only have so much maternity clothes.

Getting a few contractions gearing upto the real thing so just waiting for the real thing.

My Bestfriend Donna has had her little boy on Tuesday.
NAME: Matthew James
EDD: 13th Nov 2008
DOB: 4th Nov 2008
TIME: 10:14am
LENGTH: 52cms
WEIGHT: 8lbs 14 oz ( 4.02kg )

I'm so thrilled for her a lovely little boy I think he has her cheeks, nose and mouth so cute he is.