Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Photos of Patrick

I think the photographer got a little too close too him at times so went a little cross eyed at times. But he still looks gorgeous.

Photos of My Gorgeous Boy

Monday, 15 December 2008

Mummy & Patrick

Yes a bit tired but going ok so far.

Feeding well although 2hrly but has a 4hr block at night. Been so busy and just have to slow down for Patrick as he doesn't like being pushed around from pillar to post. And with Christmas coming up its just mayhem with so much to do and organise. But we are getting there.

I took a picture on my phone of him today and he smiled such a lovely smile. Pure fluke. But sent it on to a few family members. He is starting to look a lot like Hayden now. Can only hope the personality follows too don't think I need another Mitchell as much as I dearly love Mitch, he has a killer attitude. Otherwise I'm feeling good and Sam helping with a lot of things which makes it easier.

Anyway I'd better get back to things that I need to get done before Jr wakes for next feed.


Monday, 8 December 2008

Announcing the Arrival of

Patrick Alexander
28th November 2008
Weight: 9lb 7oz (4.295kg)
Length: 55cms
Head Circumference: 36.5cms
Born at FMC with the assistance of the Southern Midwifery Group Practice.
Thankyou to Julie Schiller - Midwife
Jane Ireland - Doula (Nurturing Births)
for their support, encouragement and belief in me and guiding me
through a natural birth drug free.
Thankyou to Carolyn my Midwife ( although wasn't able to be there for the birth) for your support, care and encouragement throughout my pregnancy and postnatally.
And for allowing me to return to the Birth Centre after the Birth.
This pregnancy, labour and birth combined with the support from both Midwives and Doula that this has been the best experience and proud of myself for such an achievement in comparison to the previous pregnancies and the intervention associated with them.
Its been rather overwhelming but wouldn't change it for the world.
Patrick about 1/2 hour old.

All wrapped up and warm - yes with a singlet on his head as I forgot
to bring the baby bag with the rush of things that morning.

Having cuddles with Oma.

Proud brothers - Hayden & Mitchell holding Patrick.
Although a bit tired and on the mend, I've been so much calmer and not stressed.
Sam has been a great help to me and is very much the proud Dad.

Got some professional photos done that should come soon too. They are of Patrick and so so cute. I will show a few on here when they arrive.

* Kerry - yes definately catch up for a cuddle*