Thursday, 27 August 2009

Not Good News

I've just heard from my friend Mel who owns the photography website I'm working with her. She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is in her low 30's its so not fair. She is in hospital and will under go some surgery to remove one breast next week and then she has a series of Chemo to go through after that. So I'm crossing my fingers for her that all goes well.

Sorry to those that have organised photo shoots with Mel but don't worry as I have stepped in to help with those shoots and another photographer has stepped in to help out also. So its business as usual dispite what is going on. So no one is left high and dry.

I'll keep you posted on how her progress is going for those that would like to know.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sorry for neglecting my blog here. It's been rather hectic here with Mitch unwell and Patrick up all night I'd be lucky to have 2 hours sleep. Apparently sleep is for the weak according to my kids.

Otherwise I've been pulled in all directions. I've been working for my friend Mel from Lanie photography as she is very sick at the moment. So keeping up with that and the kids plus trying to fit in a bit of scrapping and writing is rather challenging.
I've now set up my writing blog too. That will have sneak peeks of my work, information about writing, writing groups / circles, tips, and competition writing, places where you can submit your work. I work on my writing when I can't scrap as normally I have an 8 month old on my lap into everything. I'm trying to create some balance. I've been using a pen name mainly because of my last name and the connotations that go with it. So I become Lea Bristow when I write. It's very exciting and I've a few things in the pipeline that are finished - a few short stories.
I'm glad I've finally finished story - Essence of a Mother.
Just cleaning it up then refining it and possibly submit it as a short piece.
Feel free to check out my writing website.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weekend Away

It's been great to have a weekend away with friends. Went down to Mannum and stayed at a friends shack which is a more like a holiday house. Had a beautiful warm fire place. Kids had an awesome time.

Hope to go away in October to Halls Gap with friends for a week. So looking forward to that.

Still doing a little bit of writing when I can. It's slowed down at the moment due to Sam and Patrick not being well and Patrick teething.

Sam going away next week for a week. Work trip again. So I hope to get stuck into some scrapbooking then so I can at least stay up and get things done for my next kits for Abundantias Gold. It takes me a bit to get into the zone to scrap sometimes and once I'm there I don't stop.
Got some awesome ideas for my next kit they are boy zone kits. So if you are stumped on boy layouts I have 2 coming up soon.