Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Weekend Away

It's been great to have a weekend away with friends. Went down to Mannum and stayed at a friends shack which is a more like a holiday house. Had a beautiful warm fire place. Kids had an awesome time.

Hope to go away in October to Halls Gap with friends for a week. So looking forward to that.

Still doing a little bit of writing when I can. It's slowed down at the moment due to Sam and Patrick not being well and Patrick teething.

Sam going away next week for a week. Work trip again. So I hope to get stuck into some scrapbooking then so I can at least stay up and get things done for my next kits for Abundantias Gold. It takes me a bit to get into the zone to scrap sometimes and once I'm there I don't stop.
Got some awesome ideas for my next kit they are boy zone kits. So if you are stumped on boy layouts I have 2 coming up soon.

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